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Bidenomucs, hitting nearby and getting nasty!

Mitchell Gold

Posted 2:31 pm, 09/02/2023

I've been overwhelmed with the public and private support. I have over 600 unaswered texts, messages, email, calls, etc. I have read every single one, but the reason I haven't answered the vast majority is that I just don't know what to say. Everything seems so trite. "Thanks" is not enough. And I'm honestly in a state of shock...of disbelief. The deterioration of the business started in earnest a couple of years ago while I was retired but in the last month it VERY quickly spiraled out of control with PNC bank and owners, The Stephens Group.

Bob and I have basically not owned and controlled the company for several years. I do regret selling it but we did with the best of intentions. We entrusted people to make the company bigger and better, and that obvioiusly didn't happen.

The owners as well as me are feverishly working on a good solution.

I'll communicate more later as I know and can share.

For now, please understand if I don't answer....and know that I do appreciate very much all the love and support. It's keeping me sane.

The one word that keeps coming to my mind is that I am truly heartbroken.

With love and respect and care for all our MG+BW family...and special hug for those on the front lines that have had to deal with angry customers!


Posted 4:49 pm, 08/28/2023

Bad management and poor plaining.


Posted 3:45 pm, 08/28/2023

We have semi-illiterates on this thread that cannot discern the difference between a suggestion and a statement. Ah well!


Posted 3:37 pm, 08/28/2023

The Mitchell Gold Co. d/b/a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (the "company") has recently and unexpectedly learned that we are unable to secure critical financing to continue business operations. In the wake of this unfortunate development, the company will sadly need to wind down operations and terminate the employment of our employees beginning on Aug. 26, 2023.

The article also states that sales have declined since the pandemic, which of course explains why they couldn't find further financing.

This one doesn't seem like an issue of poor management, it looks like they did everything they could to stay alive! This is just another victim of the COVID recession.

DB Cooper

Posted 2:20 pm, 08/28/2023

Thanks, Joe!


Posted 12:33 pm, 08/28/2023

Hey trybutt, do YOU have anything at all to back up those distractions?


Posted 11:52 am, 08/28/2023

Just borrow another $8.7 trillion that way at least the CEO's and the other company officers can get compensated. Ever considered that some of these companies failed because they were poorly managed?


Posted 11:51 am, 08/28/2023

Very sad. How many jobs are lost?


Posted 11:44 am, 08/28/2023

Bidenomics: Furniture Company ‘Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams' Abruptly Shuts Down Three North Carolina Plants Without Warning — Employees Greeted by Paper Notice on Entrance Gate

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams has recently and unexpectedly learned that we are unable to continue business operations.

Any MG+BW employees that are located at the following NC locations should not report to work as of Monday, August 28th:

• Main Plant: Taylorsville
• Frame Plant: Hiddenite
• NCDC: Statesville
• Any home office remote workers are not to log in
• All home office workers.

As soon as we have a schedule to get your tools & personal belongings, we will contact you.

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