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Rutherford Co. man confesses to killing multiple people


Posted 3:03 pm, 03/16/2022

[Daniel] Printz has been linked to a missing woman from Charlotte.

The warrant also said Printz acknowledged committing multiple murders, referring to "bodies" in a hypothetical answer he gave state and federal investigators during an October 2021 interview.


"Printz said that he �hypothetically' assisted a close friend with the euthanasia of a family member. He then stated, �That is one body.' The friend then had feelings of remorse and was going to �tell.' Printz described the friend as the �second body.' Printz went on to tell investigators of another friend he was trying to help, but who also ended up dying. Printz did not report the death, but instead disposed of the body so he could keep collecting the friend's social security benefits. Printz also described an incident in which someone tried to rob him, but the robbery �did not work out well for [the robber].' He stated that after the attempted robbery, he drove to a rural area, disposed of the body, and cleaned up from the incident."

The warrant said Printz declined to give specific details about Suttles during the interview.

"When questioned specifically about Suttles's disappearance, Printz declined to provide additional details without a lawyer but stated he could take law enforcement to the location of Suttles �within three feet,'" the warrant said.


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