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Stolen Canik TP9SFX


Posted 12:06 am, 02/19/2023

Probably antithesis on her anti gun campaign.


Posted 12:00 am, 02/19/2023

Update: police is looking at video footage and has a real good description of the mini van along with the female driver. Hopefully my gun will be returned soon and these two will be in jail.


Posted 12:14 am, 02/07/2023

If anyone is offered a Canik TP9SFX 9mm with a black slide optic ready it is stolen and is my gun. The slide is a gloss black like it has been powder coated. Got ripped off today making a trade. Was asking for their permit and they drove off with my gun in hand. Couldn't chase them down due to parking lot traffic, did get tag number and have their phone number unless it is a cell phone that they add time to by buying minutes for it. I have talked to authorities and will probably not ever see it again. Long story short of offered this gun it is stolen.

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