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Yellow Del


Posted 9:23 pm, 02/26/2018

see...that's what alot of people say, but I want to talk to someone that has first hand real experience with those folks.

"they're a cult" is the de-facto for most people. I figured I'd get that response mostly.


Posted 8:50 pm, 02/26/2018

Yellow Deli is a cult.


Posted 8:35 pm, 02/26/2018

They aren't exactly a chain. I think they have several all around the world, but if you check out their story, you'll see that the delis are run by a group/groups that vaguely reference the 12 tribes. The peacemakers call themselves the 12 tribes too. I wondered if there was any connection and sure enough on the 12 tribes site, there is a link to the yellow deli...if not the same group, they are inter-related one way or another. Also, some of the sections in the yellow deli statements use language and discussion points similar to the Peacemakers/12 tribes. I have run across the peace maker bus a few times. It will usually be in a lot outside of a show. Sometimes they will tell you they are there to provide medical care and then they'll invite you on their bus. Friendly folks...sometimes have a kinda strange vibe, but you could say the same for some churches too


Posted 7:28 pm, 02/26/2018

Is the Yellow Deli and Peacemakers connected? I thought Yellow Deli is a chain.


Posted 3:57 pm, 02/26/2018

oops, published before i fixed that key stroke! durn!


Posted 3:55 pm, 02/26/2018

Has anyone been to the Yellow Deli in Hiddenite? Have you or do you know any folks that are long time Peacemaker members?

I know the restaurant has been there for awhile, and I've actually been on the bus before, but I don't know anyone personally or otherwise who belongs to their group. They seem like pretty nice folks, but I guess I would just like to hear a little about their experiences.

In the case of ever-lurking trolls, I'm not asking you to go into too much detail if your a tribes member, but I'm just curious if anyone on here has had much interaction with any of those folks from the Deli. The food looks amazing! It's been several years since I last saw the bus, and I was wondering if it is still touring

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